Fu Zhongwang Public Art in Weihai

This week I am in Weihai, mostly meeting with clients at factories but also taking some time to see this wonderful piece of public art that proudly adorns the Weihai sea front.

Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang6

This giant sculpture is titled Haisong Square Picture in Picture and is by and artist called Fu Zhongwang. Fu Zhongwang is a renowned Chinese sculptor and is the current president of the Hubei Museum of Art. The giant copper sculpture is about linking the sea and the land and represents Weihai’s past, present and future.

Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang2

Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang14 Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang13 Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang12 Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang10 Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang9

I have been coming to Weihai for the past 6 years as part of my job as a textile designer. It’s a really friendly city in the far North East of Shandong province.  It is a seaport with a colonial history – it was leased by the British from 1898 – 1930 when it was called Port Edward and the area was called Weihaiwei. Now it is a bustling industrial city, and a seaside holiday destination. I’m not sure if I would be taking my holidays here J but I’m happy to be here every so often and soak up the public art on beautiful sunny days like today!

Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang7 Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang5 Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang4 Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang3Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang1

Big thanks go to my lovely colleague Emma for taking me here today.

Weihai art frame Fu Zhongwang11


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