Designer Fashion – Haus Khas Village

I have always thought of India as being full of wonderful traditional textile techniques, handwork, ornament and colour and it didn’t disappoint in that respect. I had not, however, realised that it was also teaming with fresh new design talent who bring together those traditional elements with contemporary fashion that is so exciting I wished I had had a bottomless bank balance and an endless string of events to attend.IMG_8877


Haus Khas is home to the National Institute of Fashion Technology so it is the perfect place to go and check out all the latest names in fashion and see who will be the next big thing and also see the more established brands. It is teaming with boutiques that are so colourful and glistening with embroidery that I felt like a magpie being drawn into each store.


Ole caught my beady eye straight away. It is a concept store in which designers each have a section and can display their collection. All items are made to order so you pick what you like and the assistants will take your measurements and arrange the garment to be made. Normal waiting period is 15 – 20 days. This is a really great opportunity for a new designer to make their name without having to take the risks that are normally associated with starting up a new fashion label. It is also a really exciting and inspiring place to be as a shopper.

I was particularly taken with Samant Chauhan’s collection. Chauhan launched his label in 2005 and has had critical acclaim worldwide. His pieces effortlessly bring together the traditional indian embroidery techniques with flowing ethereal dresses in a neutral colour palette.

IMG_8886 IMG_8891 IMG_8895

Other standout brands were Ilk Shikha and Vinita . Famous by Payal Kapoor and 5x by Ajit Kumar.



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