Is India East?

I think the answer to this question is yes….it is east of somewhere. But it just happened to be a westwards trip for me! I have fallen in love! Such a magical place that is a true assault on every sense in the most wonderful way. I was on a work trip meeting new suppliers. India is a textile designers idea of heaven. I feel so inspired I don’t know where to start


We were so lucky to see the Taj with this incredible stormy sky behind – it was magnificent. Apparently the Taj Mahal might only be open to the public for another five years due to pollution and to protect the monument, so get there whilst you can – it is well worth the early wake up call. The patterns in the marble wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary textile pattern. Timeless.


Colour, ornament and pattern seemed to cover every possible object. The tastes and smells were amazing too. Food and design posts coming later but for now here is some textile porn to make your heart sing. Oh! if only I had taken a bigger suitcase to bring it all home.






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